New Orleans Prayer Flags

"A Prayer For New Orleans"

Inspired by the Traditional Prayer Flags of Tibet, Kabuki Design Studio has created our own prayer flags that are silk screened onto colorful 100 % made in USA cotton fabric with a dozen different prayers for our city, and then are hand sewn onto a length of 300 lb test braided cord. Hang the flags either indoors or outdoors, and let the breeze carry the prayers into the universe.

I make them in the traditional Tibetan colors of Blue, White, Red, Green and Yellow in sets of five and ten;
or in mixed multi colors in sets of 6 and 12.

Each individual flag is approximately 5 1/4 inches square. Each set of prayer flags has an additional three feet of cord on either end.

As is traditional, the edges of each flag are un-finished, so they will fray as the wind carries the prayers into all pervading space.

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